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Researching my family roots I found out that my great-grandfather, whose name was August Kalisch, emigrated from Oliva to the United States in February 1908. I didn't know anything about him so far. But now we know that his parents were Karl and Anna Kalisch (nee Samp) from Oliva. They lived in "Am Hasenwinkel 8" for many years.

August Kalisch (*May 23, 1884 + August 1971) from Danzig/Oliva emigrated to Detroit in February 1908 on the SS “Chemnitz” via Bremen-›Baltimore on his own. He gave his father Karl Kalisch as a referee in his home country (cf. passenger list “Chemnitz” February 1908;

(Just to keep you informed I'll give you background information: In a Detroit directory, August Kalisch’s name appears in 1908 for the first time, in his uncle Joseph’s household in 693 ferry ave. In former directories only his uncle Joseph appears, which perfectly corresponds with August’s date of immigration.
In the 1910 census August Kalisch can still be found in Joseph and Theres(i)a Kalisch’s household in 693 ferry ave, Detroit, as their “nephew”. At that time, he was 27 years old. August's brother John Kalisch senior, who was three years older than him, lived in the same household.
Their uncle Joseph Kalisch (who was 51 years old in 1910) had immigrated into the USA in 1890 from Danzig already and was then working as a “milkdealer” in the “dairy” sector.
John Kalisch senior (=Johannes) from Danzig/Oliva, who was also living in Uncle Joseph’s and Aunt Theres(i)a’s household during the 1910 census, had come to Detroit in October 1909, on the SS “Chemnitz” via Bremen-›Baltimore as well. He was accompanied by his brother Josef (Joseph) Kalisch junior, five years younger than him, whose profession was “carpenter”. (source: passenger list of SS “Chemnitz” October 1909)
Together with his wife Francis, Joseph Kalisch jun., the carpenter, had four daughters and a son (William, who only died in 2006!). (source: 1930 census)
John Kalisch senior’s wife Helena (=Helen) joined him later in the USA (in July 1912 on the SS “Rhein” via Bremen-›Baltimore). (source: passenger list of SS “Rhein” July 1912)
When immigrating in 1909, John Kalisch sen. was already married to Helena and they had a son, John (Hans) Kalisch jun. (*1910). (source: passenger list of SS “Chemnitz” October 1909)
It is known that Helena Kalisch travelled to her home country (Danzig) one more time in 1923 with her son Hans (= John junior). In August 1923, she returned to the USA alone (starting from Danzig, this time on the SS “Lituania”). In December, however, her son John returned to the USA on the SS “Estonia”, too. Both gave Helena’s sister in Zoppot as a referee in Germany. (source: passenger lists of SS “Lituania” and “Estonia” 1923).)

Berno Secknus

 Książka adresowa gminy Oliwa z 1916 roku.
Zbiory Mirosława Piskorskiego.

 Książka adresowa z 1927 roku.
Zbiory Pomorskiej Biblioteki Cyfrowej.

 Książka adresowa z 1939 roku.
Zbiory Krzysztofa Gryndera.

 Książka adresowa z 1942 roku.
Zbiory Pomorskiej Biblioteki Cyfrowej.

 Kalisch August. Certificate of Arrival for
Naturalization Purposes. 1924.
Berno Secknus.

Kalisch August immigration 1908 highlighted.
Berno Secknus.

Kalisch Johannes and Josef immigration 1909 highlighted.
Berno Secknus.

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